Alternative Rock, Grunge aus Berlin, seit 2018



2020 meant an end to life as we knew it. Are we back to square one or will we learn from our mistakes?

Komodo Fox’s current project, the promotion of their debut EP Year Zero, will see them busy with expanding their DIY approach to unexplored territories. Originally planned for a 2020 release, the five songs touch on universal themes such as dealing with the past, facing our fears and accepting change. And with a tumultuous year for everyone living on planet Earth, it felt appropriate to wait until the beginning of a new year to share their message.

Started in 2018 as a solo project, Komodo Fox became a “two-headed rock trio” in early 2019 after Caio (vocals, guitars, bass) met Philipp (drums, keys & backing vocals) in a cozy Vietnamese cafe in Berlin. The two instantly clicked, not just (...) Mehr anzeigen because of a shared musical language, but mostly out of a sense of seeing music as a way of communicating and connecting with others.

Year Zero will come out on the 21st of May and it will be preceded by 3 singles with monthly releases starting from January 2021. Weniger anzeigen


Caio Donini

Sänger, Songwriter, Gitarrist

Philipp Hasse



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