Heavy Rock aus Köln, seit 2010



„Rock is dead?“ - Not at all!

Founded in 2010, the cologne based Heavy Rock band NeverKnow proves this wrong.
Founding members Alexander Feistkorn (guitar) and Markus Maxfield (drums) were
quickly joined by Till Cremerius on lead vocals and bass. Since early 2018 NeverKnow is
completed by Jef van Even (guitar) after two line up changes.

Combining elements from the 80´s Trash Metal over various Hard Rock elements to
modern Rock sounds, the band released their first EP „Made of Glass“ in July 2015, soon
followed by their even more eager creation „Ides of March“ in October 2016.

NeverKnow is known for their stirring stage presence delivering thrilling and untamed live
shows to the audience. That’s why the band was able to win a nationwide band contest in
2014, defeating about 1000 other un (...) Mehr anzeigenderground bands and play concerts from Glasgow,
Scotland to Salzburg, Austria and all through Germany.

In 2020 NeverKnow sets sails for another tour through Germany and is about to release
new music, so stay tuned. Weniger anzeigen


Markus Maxfield



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